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Dr. med. Lutz Breitinger

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High - Intensive - Focused - Ultrasound

HIFU is an alternative treatment for men with Prostate cancer, who are not wanting operations or radiation therapy.

The prostate is thermically destroyed using an Ultrasound energized probe (similar to burning glass with solar rays) through the rectum.

Next, due to the heating effect, the dead tissue is bundled and transformed into scar tissue. The risks with this non-invasive, gentle method are very low as the entire procedure is controlled & monitored as an Ultrasound image in real time. Possible damage to surrounding tissue (bowel, sphincter etc.) can be, almost totally ruled out. The preservation of sexual function (erectile penile function) is often possible.

To find out if a HIFU therapy is appropriate for you, all that is needed is a short examination to measure the prostate and inspection of further data (amongst others: PSA, histology, dimension & aggressiveness of the tumor).

More information can be found : here

In my position as attending Physician, I carry out the treatments in the afore mentioned clinics, where the costs are covered by most private heath insurance companies.

Of course, we are able to provide a cost estimate for our patients in order for you to be able to confirm that your Insurance company will cover the costs.