Systems Sonablate HIFU
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Private practice of Urology

Dr. med. Lutz Breitinger

Richard - Wagner - Str. 6
D - 68165 Mannheim
+49 621 431 0691


There are two different machines available to use for a HIFU treatment – Ablatherm and Sonblate. Both machines work on the same principle. Thermic destruction through the clustered (?) sound waves. We work with the Sonblate made by Fa. Focus Surgery without previous TUR-P (Aushobelung???) to the prostate. We can, with pleasure, clarify the differences between the manufacturers and explain why we chose the one from Focus Surgery.

The treatment is presented on-screen in real time and monitored. The sound waves are uploaded every 3 seconds in sequence and transferred to the ultrasound screen. Through this, the operator has the ability to make adjustments to the required energy levels of the sound waves individually, so that an adequate heat effect is generated and that the gentle structure will not be damaged (eg. Sphincter or “erectile functioning nerves”).